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How To Start A Mobile Spa DELUXE EDITION is our newest product. This compilation PDF is based on our original guide and adds our 3 other specialty titles to bring you the ultimate guide to starting a mobile spa business. Our guides have helped hundreds of people start their own mobile beauty/spa business!

Enjoy the freedom and profitability of operating a mobile spa business. Low start up costs and overhead. Owning a mobile spa business you can cater to individuals or spa parties. The practical information in this book is the tool you need to develop your business. You may decide to operate your business as a sole proprietor or you may expand to hire employees. Whichever route you decide to take with your business this book will help you with the basics you will need to get started. The mobile spa industry is growing in demand worldwide. People enjoy the convenience of having their spa treatments done in the privacy of their own environment they can sit back and relax while enjoying professional in-home beauty treatments.

Who can you cater your mobile spa business to?
Offices, homes, shut-in's, individuals, hotels, retreats, groups. The possibilities are up to you.

Imagine making someone's day brighter by bringing your professional spa treatments to them. Pampering people is a wonderful business to be in. Customers often invite a few friends over and kick back and relax while enjoying a pampering spa party! The income you can make is unlimited it all depends on how you grow your business.

The advantage of running a mobile spa is you can start this business from anywhere you live . You don't need a store and have to pay rent every month. The first item you will need is a reliable vehicle to start! From there you can decide what spa services you want to offer. Who will you target your business to. In this PDF we will show you how to target the clients you want and how to get them!

Spa treatments covered in this PDF are: Manicures, Spa Manicures, Pedicures, Spa Pedicures, Waxing, Facials and Body Treatment, Makeup and Hairdressing. We will show you where to source and purchase quality mobile spa equipment. When offering spa treatments in the clients home it is essential that you use all of your own equipment and be totally independent. You want to be very professional and we show you in detailed photos of how to set up for spa services in the home.

In our start-up guides we show you everything from start to finish to get you up and running in no time at all.

About the Author:
operates a mobile business herself called Mobile Beauty, so you know the information is written by someone who is a hands on professional. Carolyn has over 18 years experience in the makeup and cosmetics industry. Carolyn will show you everything she has learned from running and operating her own spa business. Operating a mobile spa business is different then running a typical spa and she wants to share her insiders knowledge with you.

Why buy from anyone else? Wouldn't you want to buy a product that has already been proven to work?

Plus you can make the price of this guide back in your first hour of business! Start today what are you waiting for?

PDF includes:

Business Section

  • How to effectively market your mobile spa business
  • Where to source and purchase high quality affordable mobile equipment with detailed explanations and photos
  • How to determine pricing for your services
  • Developing a business plan
  • Naming your business
  • Vehicle for business use
  • Securing insurance ( names for companies and the importance of insurance))
  • Costs to setting up a business
  • Marketing with a web site
  • How to set a minimum charge per visit
  • Detailed photos showing how to set up for manicures, pedicures and facials.
  • How to keep your mobile spa business hygienic
  • Examples of print material
  • How to attract and keep high quality clients
  • Press release kit: proven cover letter and press releases
  • Business Plan - made for a mobile spa( value 39.95)
  • Magazines and trade publications information
  • Professional associations
  • How to book large spa parties
  • You will be able to insert your own business information in the business plan and press release
  • Finding Employees for Your Business
  • Hiring the Right People
  • Interview Questions
  • Things you should not ask
  • Guidelines for Reference Checking
  • Documenting the Reference Check
  • Checking credit history
  • State Laws for Credit Checks
  • Independent Contractors
  • How to Write Policy and Procedures for Your Business
  • The Non-Compete Agreement
  • How to be Politically Correct in the Work Place and In the Clients Environment
  • How to Give an Effective Employee Evaluation
  • How to Dismiss an Employee
  • Forms and Documents For Hiring (These forms are ready to print and use)
  • Applicant Information Release
  • Job Applicant Interview Script
  • Applicant Rejection
  • Driving Record Check
  • Employment Application Form
  • Fair Credit Act Disclosure Notice
  • Job Requirements Checklist
  • Sample Non compete Agreements
  • Reference Check Control Form
  • Body and Facial Treatments
    • Equipment :  Sourcing and Purchasing
      • Equipment List Page 2
      • Equipment List Page 3
      • Equipment List Page 4
      • Equipment List Page 5
      • Equipment List Page 6

    • How To Set Up In The Clients Home

    • Body Treatments
  • Nails
    • Mobile Nail Services - Equipment Guide
      • Equipment Guide Page One
      • Equipment Guide Page Two
      • Equipment Guide Page Three
      • Equipment Guide Page Four
      • Equipment Guide Page Five
    • Nails Techniques
      • The 30 Minute Manicure
      • The 30 Minute Pedicure
      • Nail Polish Tips
      • Nail Tips Part Two
    • How To Set Up The Equipment
      • Manicure - Equipment Set Up
      • Pedicure - Equipment Set Up
  • Hairdressing
    • Mobile Hairdressing - Equipment Guide
      • Equipment Guide Page One
      • Equipment Guide Page Two
      • Equipment Guide Page Three
    • Hairdressing Techniques
      • The Consultation
      • Washing Hair
      • Combing Hair
      • Cutting Hair
      • Blow Drying and Finishing
      • Color Selection
      • Grey Coverage
      • Highlights and Bleach
      • Color Application
      • Color Correction
    • Create your own tool case on a budget
  • Makeup
    • Mobile Makeup - Equipment Guide
      • Equipment Guide Page One
      • Equipment Guide Page Two

    • Makeup Techniques
      • Foundation Application
      • Eyeshadow Tips
      • Concealer Pointers
      • Lipstick Application
      • Eyebrow Tips
      • Foundation Application - Asian Skin
      • Foundation Application - African-American Skin

    • Makeup Case - create your own makeup case on a budget
      • Create your own makeup case
  • Useful Information Section
    • Magazines and Trade Publications
    • State Boards of Cosmetology
    • Professional Associations 
    • Nails Supply Companies
    • Books for Nails Professionals
    • Cosmetic Companies

This PDF will show you everything you will need to get your business up and running and you will be on your way to freedom and flexibility and profitability!

Don't forget our DVD collection contains great tips and techniques for the perfect in-home manicure and pedicure for maximum profit!

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